H2onE2, Glacial Respiration, Conceptual Ring of Ice, The End of Western Religion A Geological Exploration of an E2 Earthen Planet And the H2 Human Species

The H2onE2 book is an exploration of the universe, geology, climate, biology, humans, psychology, folklore and ancient structures to uncover the beginning and discloses the end of linear western religion. The true Da Vinci Code behind the bible is not a supreme spiritual power but a scientific record of climate change described as Glacial Respiration; this is the 2012 doomsday and Revelations end of days. The Greek philosophers originated the practice of communicating a hidden idea or message in the short story format, as a metaphor. In the bible, metaphors conceal historic climate change within the fanciful stories. The theory of Glacial Respiration explains the myth behind the Holy Grail, structures such as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island and is the knowledge that was collected in the Jewish Ark of the Covenant.

The discovery: As a Professional Geologist, I attempted to link the Dust Bowl and Great Depression to a pre-glacial condition or mechanism and ended up writing the book H2onE2.

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H3onE3 Universal Facilitator, Universal Sacrifice and Holy Pi

H3onE3 uncovers the theoretical elements, metaphors and similarities in regurgitated Homeric characters built into most media art, literature and movies to control an engineered NWO society. The book will expose the true Da Vinci code, solve the secrets of the Freemason symbol, which has origins in Solomon's Temple and unearth both mysteries as a trinity obtained by solving the real Riddle of the Sphinx. H3onE3 un-earths two very different prophesied Homeric characters which have evolved from Greek mythology into modern interpretations. Similarities between the traditional Greek gods like Prometheus and the gothic anti-Christ or warrior Christ will be forecast. These classical characters will be modernized into their fictional representation such as Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange, the Hobbit Frodo, Harry Potter, ext. Lastly, the H3onE3 work will uncover the four major temples or muses adopted or assimilated into Linear Western Religion which are represented in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and modernly and almost unbelievably in the four characters from the Wizard of Oz. The four temples represented by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Oz include the temple to time and prophecy, the un-holy rock, future Oedipus king temple and the socially repressive trinity of the Pi temple.

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The American Holocaust, Dust Bowl, Stock Market Crash, Great Depression

The Dust Bowl, stock market crash and Great Depression resulted in the deaths of an estimated 7.5 million Americans. The natural and unnatural events had one major result, removing millions of Homesteaders, American Indians and freed slaves off the petroleum rich Great Plains during the largest oil boom in US history. The first section describes why and how, the most catastrophic environmental event in human history goes un-narrated and unknown to most Americans and the world's population, and incorporates the political, social and religious motives. Section two, will cover an investigation of the Dust Bowl, the oil rich lands of the Great Plains, Great Depression, and expose the leaders which forced the incident and pursuing Holocaust. The thirdsection, will describe how the stock market was crashed in 1929 and its similarity to the 2008 stock market crash. The forth section will explore historical events connecting the American Dust Bowl to a global cooling trend, felt around the world. The conclusion will involve an exploration into earth's environment, ecosystems and climate to extract the natural causes of the Dust Bowl.

Free to read online.Currently a 5,000 word short story. Searching for ghost writers to expand and enhance the work into a 50,000 word paperback novel.

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About me, well I am B Billy Mars a Geologist, writer and video maker. I began my writing labor and epic journey composing the H2onE2 book. The H2onE2 work details most of the material I did not directly buy into, as I acquired a BS (Bull Shit) degree in Geology. Next, from the knowledge in the H2onE2 book, I made the (Pyramid and Eye Secret) video. Well, it took not long to discover that the people who control and weave societies puppet strings, also own the large social websites and I soon found my work banned from Myspace. Many other social networking sites soon followed by either eliminating my labor or restricting user account functions aka email, video / image uploads and, or stat counter blocks. Realizing that the controllers of society found my work threatening to their engineered world, I responded by fashioning many more videos and produced a completely new book (posted free online in the draft form) called H3onE3; in addition to a series of short stories. The reason I have not turned the short stories into books is that people just don't support the work, the effort and labor. Why write books no one reads, foods and housing is not free right, right.

When, the H2onE2 book solved most of the hidden scientific, historical and human knowledge, H3onE3 un-earths the methods and practices of population control, which hides two prophesied, Hero and Sacrificial characters in metaphors. The primary characters uncovered in the H3onE3 work are termed the Universal Sacrifice (US) and an equally important secondary figure called the Universal Facilitator (UF). These two divine figures are mixed and blended in all Homeric media aka (music, literature, plays and movies). Both ancient and modern media present these two protagonists as either Heroes and, or Sacrificial figures. The controllers of society implement these characters in most media as a mechanism to keep any scientific, social or medical discovery or advancement from spilling out into a public forum. This mechanism is extremely effective and works because no rogue scientist is willing to assume the out lined characteristics or confront the prophecies from within the Homeric and or Sacrificial media.

Ok, now for the really bad news, and it is bad. Earth has two drastic environmental changes which re-occur in a cycle. I call this cycle Glacial Respiration and it entails a 10,000 year warm Global Summer period, a 100,000 year Global Winter period of (glacial growth) and two natural, devastating periods altering between the different climates; I term switches. When Earth switches from Global Winter to Global Summer there is a massive flood and stories like Noah, Gilgamesh and Exodus document the details of this catastrophic climate event. As Earth switches from the current Global Summer to Global Winter environment, in the natural progression a dustbowl occurs, crop land and natural vegetation dies, exposing the top soil to increasing quantities of wind erosion and eventually near total devastation of earths surface interface. We live on a small planet but survive and thrive off only about 6 inches of topsoil, which is extremely fragile and sensitive to change.

To a Geologist the Glacial Respiration cycle is obvious, every large rock formation can contest to these switches but to describe the cycle to people without a science background required the H2one2 book. All my work combined, totaled leaves one question, why is the education community and controllers of society hiding the knowledge of Glacial Respiration H2onE2 and producing media, which sacrifices a future prophesied hero H3onE3? Here, I am afraid there is only one logical answer, hiding this knowledge must be part of an exit strategy for the ruling elite. Environmental change must be an escape plan for the controllers of society, to avoid any prosecution for creating war, social strife and human suffering, which is their mechanism to retain control of the populations wealth.

Problem one: An end of day environmental disaster/event/plan is built into the direction of linear western religion along with the creation of a Lot type / Sodom and Gomorrah character that would be me I guess, a Droog; the others are dead.

Problem two: Groups like the Freemasons/skull and bones are planning to force the environmental end of day event and are making Droog's, they produced one.

Problem three: Writing, making videos, performing second life events and blogs are all paper tigers, just not effective in sending out warnings of the end of day plan/event. People just don't support independent writers, most don't read; humans are really stupid. When, I would have shanked the prison Warden for the knowledge in the H2onE2 book most people find no value in the work. By not supporting the H2onE2 site for the past 3 years means it is game over. You will be the sacrifice and this will please your god.

Problem four: Religious corporations, that is really what they are have a lot to lose and create fake conspiracy media designed and well funded to dilute info from sneaking out into a public forum. Linear religious corporations/obscenely wealthy people also own or have influence over the large social websites and they censor alright. The US government complains about China censoring search engines but in fact the H2onE2 stuff has been deleted off almost every large social web sites or internal elements like view counter limits, video uploads and internal search engines are extremely effective in censoring any material. There is a big difference between talking about freedom of speech and information and actually producing it. At least China is honest about what the public gets exposed to, in the US it is just all lies.

Problem five: The H2onE2 material is beyond amazing there is just no way to pleasantly present this material to the public. I mean, you can't put a picture of a unicorn on the cover and expect people to read it. People also seem attracted subconsciously to fake conspiracy material, like they do not really want to know the whole truth. So the problem turns out to be with the people not the message or messenger.

The only thing you can do to get this knowledge out as a member of the human race is buying the H2onE2 book or post this material around the web. Mostly your posts will be quickly deleted but it is all you can do really or buy a can of spray paint even. Unfortunately I am closing the Second Life H2onE2 University due to lack of support. I have no money, nothing and have not worked for a real pay check since 2008. Book sales are ridiculous to none existent. So yeah right, out of my hands.

Sorry: I am unable to mail hard books at this time, lost my place to live and they are in a storage unit.

1st CD Seven Songs

1st CD Seven Songs

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Article on How To Be Smart Like Me

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Digital PDF of the H2onE2 book

Digital PDF of the H2onE2 book

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H2onE2 Antikythera Musical Computer

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How to Defeat the Riot Police

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